Advanced Development Academy

Advanced Development Academy

The Advanced Development Academy is a one day a week (Friday) skill development program  for U8-U18 players (2006-2016) that are currently in the the RUFC Advanced Development (Competitive) stream.

Players will be grouped with an emphasis on extending and supporting the player’s stage of development and overall skill development program.

Program Overview:

  • Individual attacking and defending.
  • Small group attacking and defending.
  • Patterns of play.
  • Game related activities that incorporate all aspects of the game with the ball.
  • Finishing involving a range of passing and player movement.
  • Flexibility exercises that include the very latest speed exercises ABC’S (Agility, balance, Coordination, Speed).
  • Player awareness (Game Literacy) involving team shape, from defence to attack.
  • Individual development focusing on players.
  • Pre, during and post training and game diet and nutrition handouts.
  • Player feedback on individual performance evaluation in training and games, with structured action plans for future development.

To register for the Advanced Development Academy, please contact Tania Webster for a registration link.

Schedule:Apr 5 to Jun 14, 2024
Every Friday - 11 sessions
LocationHugh Boyd Park (Field TBD)
Time5:30 pm - 6:30 pm