About Us

Guiding Principles

Organized soccer has been a part of our city for nearly 70 years, but for a long time the sport was splintered among many groups, genders, and locations.

Richmond has a rich soccer history that embraces diversity and community, and in 2023, after several years of discussions, all Richmond-based soccer teams came together and united as one to form Richmond United FC.

RUFC History

1955 - Organized Football Begins

City of Richmond organized affiliated football regions in central, north, south, and west areas.

1974 - Girls Can Play

Richmond Girls Soccer Association (RGSA) is formed to foster growth in the women's game.

2004 - The Boys Clubs Merge

To keep up with larger regions the four local boys associations merged to form Richmond FC (RFC).

2020 - All Genders Welcome

RGSA, now renamed Richmond United Soccer Club (RUSC) and RFC open their doors to all genders and identities, expanding the sport in the city quickly.

2023 - Richmond Is United!

After long conversations between the clubs, RFC and RUSC merge to become Richmond United FC.

Today, Richmond United FC serves around 2000 families across the city with programming ranging from 'parents and tots' to elite academies, with a mandate to provide low cost, high quality soccer programming to any family that wants to take part.