RFC & RUSC Merger: New Chapter Begins with Richmond United FC

RICHMOND, BC, AUGUST 2, 2023: Since 1955, young soccer enthusiasts in Richmond have donned various club names and colours, symbolizing a variety of different inter-city localities and affiliations. However, the city has never rallied under a single unified banner until now.

Today marks a transformative milestone as Richmond FC and Richmond United SC (previously Richmond Girls Soccer Association) finalize their merger, officially recognized by Societies BC, resulting in the formation of Richmond United FC. After an emphatic agreement by both club memberships roughly two months ago at a joint AGM, the united board is elated to commence a fresh chapter for soccer in Richmond. This merger means players no longer need to choose between family, friends, or peers when selecting a team.

While the two clubs co-existed harmoniously as individual gender-specific entities for years, a directive from BC Soccer endorsing gender inclusivity several years ago brought the two clubs into direct contention for resources, including players, coaches, and fields, for the first time. While this new dynamic often cultivated spirited field competition, it occasionally led to disputes elsewhere. In response, the clubs’ boards established a merger committee to explore the possibility of bringing the two groups together. For over a year, this committee diligently worked to bridge differences, aiming to amalgamate the most popular sport in Richmond into its largest youth membership body.

Newly Appointed Richmond United FC Board of Directors

Richmond United FC is pleased to announce the appointment of their new Board of Directors:

  • Richard Wang – President
  • Chris Parry – Vice President
  • Braunwyn Thompson – Secretary
  • Barry Wosk – Treasurer
  • Erinn Bryan
  • Andy Cobbold
  • Lee Howarth
  • Sukhbir Manhas
  • Jas Mann
  • Jennifer Niemi
  • Grady Tyler

The new RUFC board is actively working on merging programs, personnel, streamlining operations, establishing new branding, and exploring combined sponsorship prospects. The objective is to finalize this integration by Spring 2024.

For the imminent Fall/Winter season, parents can expect a familiar experience from their original clubs, prioritizing our youth’s best interests while we take the best of both programs forward into one group of more than 2,000 member families.

For many involved, this unification journey spanned over five years, at times seeming elusive. Achieving near-complete unity after such sustained efforts fills us with immense pride. With this collective dedication, we are optimistic about the future and the prospects it holds for our community.

For the most up to date information on Richmond United FC, we encourage you to visit our new page at www.rufc.ca. We are now truly a Richmond United.